Online Fitness Training: What You Need

Online Fitness Training: What You Need

Online fitness training courses have only become more popular in recent years. They have their pros and cons. The first thing you need to know is, it is not personal training. This is our position, as there is a limited amount of feedback the teacher can not see your work optimally, can not be hands-on when it comes to correction and even if your training is your responsibility, your commitment increases if you want to see results. It requires more discipline, understanding of technique, body awareness and better basic form if you want to experience progression towards your goal.

From Ido Fishman you can find the perfect solution for your fitness. However, it may be a cheaper alternative. If you are considering buying an online training course or programs, ask yourself: Can you handle your own training?

What do we think?

We have a clear vision of shaping personal training in a direction that is more about creating a healthy, functional and sustainable body. There is far too much in our society that is about idealism. You need to have big muscles, a spherical ass, grater on your stomach and a low fat percentage. Why not have those things as side benefits? One does not exclude the other unless you choose it!

It’s cool to have a specific goal. It is a huge motivation to achieve what you have worked hard on. But remember that exercise must become a way of life. Not a trend you jump on every now and then. It is ultimately the most difficult goal with the biggest gain.