The Etfllist Of Top Performers Since Bottom Up

As the SPDR S&P 500 etflist suggests, the market witnessed Coronavirus bottom on 23 March. But post the bottom up, the rally has been very impressive. If you limit the discussion to ETFs, you will observe an interesting trend that most bought funds over the last two months are not equity-based funds. What’s more interesting is that out ten worst performing funds, eight funds are equity-based. The investors focussed more on domestic ETFs which has in a way backfired.

If you try categorization of the etflist  of top performers, you will find a great mix. Apart from the ETFs which got the support of Federal Reserve, there are ETFs from thriving sectors and many surprises.

Top performers

The performance of some of these ETFs has been a surprise for the industry as well. The weak dollar capitalization has also helped. Post rebound this etflist at has been a talking point in the ETF and mutual fund arena. The top performers are as follows:

  • Ishares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF
  • SPDR Gold
  • Health Care Select SPDR

Let’s have a look at each one and try to extrapolate their rally in the market.

Ishares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF

With the expense ratio of 0.15 per cent, the Ishares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF has emerged as a king in the post rebound phase. Their success can be attributed to the big support they have got from the Federal Reserve.  The assistance from the central bank got them moving, and then they consolidated from there onwards.

Apart from the Federal reserves’ buying the fund also benefitted from traders buying the biggest investment-grade fund.


The SPDR is also a shining example of how ETFs have benefitted from the assistance they have got from the Federal Reserve. With the expense ratio of 0.40% per annum, the SPDR comfortably makes it to the etflist top performers.

Other factors that contributed to its success can be attributed to waning demand for gold bigger markets like India and China. This has been proven time and again that such circumstances are a big positive for the investment demand.

Health Care Select SPDR

There are no surprises for guessing investors’ affinity with the health care sector this year. The group is among one of the front runners who are racing to find the treatment and cure Covid-19. There could be no better catalyst which can help them in this manner. Over the period two months, they have witnessed an infusion of about 5 billion USD into the health care sector SPDR.

The competition is stiff across industries. But the race is so important that almost everyone who is attached to the cause has benefitted. The likes of Gilead and Pfizer are the testament of that.  Now you can use stock trading app for stock trading.