Telecommunication Expert Proposes Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Iraq

Telecommunication Expert Proposes Cell Phone Signal Boosters For Iraq

Iraq has been a victim of many destructive wars since the late 20th century. The Iraqi telecommunication industry has also suffered a great loss in futile wars. The war of 2003 severely disturbed telecommunication systems throughout the country including international connections. The telephone lines destroyed during this war still continue to be repaired. Government efforts to rebuild international and domestic communication through fiber-optic links are in progress. Weak telephonic signals have been a huge problem for the common public. Keeping this in mind expert proposes cell phone signal boosters for Iraq. They are a viable solution to this problem.

What is a cell phone signal booster?

A cell phone signal booster also called amplifier, is a type of bi-directional amplifier used to improve cell phone reception. It is made up of three main elements exterior antenna, amplifier, and an interior antenna. They form a wireless system to enhance cellular reception. The cell phone signal booster involves the amplifier adding gain or power to the reception in various directions. The outside antenna works to receive and transit signals to acellular tower with enhanced power. All the elements of the system are connected through a coaxial cable.

The main aim of the cell phone signal booster is to amplify the existing cell phone signal around your home, car, office, or workplace and enhance it. There are also indoor cell phone boosters with an indoor antenna and amplifier working as a single unit.

How does it work?

A cell phone signal strength depends upon the hindrances that come in its way. Trees, hills, or very high buildings, etc could be the reason for the weakening of a signal. The outer antenna of the booster catches the cell phone reception. The signal is then amplified by the cellular repeater and rebroadcasted across the premise through the inside antenna. The result is an enhanced and better signal.

Cell phone signal boosters are of two typesi.e, analog signal booster and smart signal booster. Analog signal boosters amplify signals using traditional technology while smart signal boosters use all-digital powerful baseband processors that clean signals before rebroadcasting it.

Expert proposes cell phone signal boosters for Iraq to enhance the connectivity of the country and boost its development.