Online extortion is a kind of blackmail

Online extortion is a kind of blackmail

This generation has grown up with the idea of never going a day without using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Within a few years, these platforms have become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting millions of users throughout the world. While social media offers many advantages, it also has a number of negatives. The negative side is that these platforms are being used by antisocial personalities to extort money from others. Innocent individuals have been blackmailed using Whatsapp and Facebook.

Threatening you with money or other benefits, someone blackmails you. Blackmail is a criminal offence that may have life-altering repercussions for the person who is the victim of it. In the event that you’re being blackmailed, you should always contact the police. Your body and mind will suffer if you don’t express your pain.

In the case of blackmail on social media, don’t be afraid to speak out. Your best bet is to confront the extortionist right from the get.

Please report cyber-extortion if you’ve been targeted. To discover the blackmailer, you need first see a lawyer to get reliable counsel. Using this may help you create a more appealing argument. Reporting the blackmailer to law enforcement may prevent them from blackmailing others in the future.

The perpetrator’s images and emails should not be deleted if you are a victim of a cybercrime since doing so will make it harder to discover evidence in the virtual world. You may want to take photos or print off the evidence and post it on a forum where the incident occurred, such as a social networking site or a blog. If you are الابتزاز السياسي  by someone, you can get our help.

How do you go about making a complaint?

Because cybercrime has no jurisdiction, a complaint may be filed in any country.

The purpose of cyber cells is to help victims of cybercrime. In the police department, they fall under the criminal investigation division’s jurisdiction. If your area does not have a cyber cell, you may file an F.I.R. at a local police station. If you are unable to register an F.I.R., you should contact the police commissioner. To submit a police complaint on an F.I.R., you must go to your local police department.

The National Commission for Women is a non-profit organisation that serves as a liaison between Internet abuse victims and the judicial system. An inquiry committee may be formed by the Commission to undertake spot investigations, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and summon the accused to accelerate the investigation. Social media reporting: If both of the above approaches are unavailable for whatever reason, social media reporting is a viable alternative. Since the IT laws of 2011 mandate that they take action within 36 hours of receiving the information, most of these websites provide the option of reporting the crime. We can help you in التبليغ عن ابتزاز.