How to Create the Best Home Work Space

Earlier in 2020, the home and office were very different places separated by a long commute. But after a lockdown and a lot of uncertainty, most businesses are continuing to advise their employees to work from home when possible. And now that businesses are starting to see that employees can work from home productively, this might completely change their office plans in the future.

So, it might be time for you to embrace the change and create a home office or working space that suits you. After all, you’re spending a large chunk of your time here. But if you’re wondering how you can create a productive work space, here are some tips to get you started.

Pick the Right Desk

At the beginning of lockdown, most people were pretty happy to work from their sofa, but as the weeks go by, you might find yourself getting a little fed up with the set up. Most find working in the space that they also relax in a little frustrating, so creating a workspace is essential. Buying the right desk is the best way to get started, find some as complex or minimalist as you want, not only will it separate you from your living space,but will also improve your posture and make you feel much more organised. 

If you have a home office or study room, then investing in some designer furniture will also help you to love the space. You don’t want it to be somewhere you dread to sit in 8 hours a day.


If your workplace has fluorescent strip lighting like most do, then changing to your home workspace will be very beneficial. Fluorescent lighting is good for your eyes but is used in a lot of offices because it’s reliable. It’s often known for causing headaches, straining your eyes and negatively impacts your overall focus. Before you set up your home office, find a space with good natural lighting. If this isn’t possible you can always buy a lamp to offer a little extra light in the day. Try to avoid using the main room light as this can also affect your focus, so a lamp can be both beneficial and add a little sophistication to the space.


Proven to benefit employees, plants are a vital part of your home office space. Scientifically proven to reduce stress, illness and adding colour which all leads to improved productivity, having some plants around the room will make you feel much better. You won’t need to go over the top if you’re working with limited space, buy a few small potted plants from a local supermarket and add them to your home office

Plants that a perfect for your desk:

  • Cacti – Little maintenance and small for anyone looking to save space.
  • Ficus Benjamina – Looks lovely on its own or as part of an variety
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – low maintenance plant that is vibrant for a desk.
  • Bromeliads – a variety of colours and leaves will give your desk a little more life