Brilliant Things You Should Know About a Real Genius

Brilliant Things You Should Know About a Real Genius

Very few mediums can truly compete with films in terms of its impacts on the human senses. The movie industry knows this fact and hence creates incredible content that keeps the audience riveted for hours. The Telegu movie industry is one such domain that portrays their lead characters in larger than life personas. They give a ray of hope to people who slog daily with life’s routines and need a medium to take them to another realm altogether. People watching the Telugu movies online can unwind with their family after a hard day of work and be mesmerized with the creativity unleashed in front of their eyes. They tackle various genres like brilliant movies that tackle the inner genius of the protagonist.

Let’s take a look at threesuch movies

1 – Forensic : This is a brilliant cat and mouse thriller between the villain Alphonse Kurian, a psychotic murderer and serial killer, and Samuel, a legal advisor for the medical community. How the hero manages to outwit the antagonist form the crux of the story

2 – Trance : How religion, motivational speaking and scams go hand in hand? Check out Trance to know the answer. It has a scintillating performance by its lead FahadhFaasil and shows him in extreme avatars of self-doubt, charismatic, confident, and disturbed. It is a visually engrossing film about hoe religion is sold to devotees for commercial gains.

3 – KanuluKanulanuDochayante :Dulquer Salman and Ritu Varma headline this movie. The cameo by ace director Gautam Menon is top notchaddition to the stellar star cast. It is a classic tale of how good overcomes bad. Two conmen who carry out shopping scams undergo a change of heart when they meet their ladyloves. But there is a slight twist about why the two females come into the conmen’s lives. Watch it to know more about the twist.

To sign off

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